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Best office chairs for back pain

As a chiropractor I often get asked what are the best office chairs for back pain. Back pain is a very common symptom among office workers and so picking the right office chair is important. So important in fact that I decided to use my experience as a chiropractor treating office workers with back pain to design a range of ergonomic office chairs. These patented spinekind office chairs were designed to help office workers with back and neck pain.

There are many reasons why people get back pain. For office workers poor sitting postures or an inappropriate ergonomic set up can be a significant factor. In the modern world many people sit on a sofa or dining chair whilst working on a laptop, a mobile phone or tablet. These working habits are often a significant part of the problem.

Why do we need a good office chair?

The human spine has 3 curves, these curves are designed to distribute our weight evenly when standing and sitting. If we sit in slumped posture for any length of time excessive load can be placed on muscles, joints and discs within the spine. A good office chair helps support the 3 curves of the spine to prevent excessive loading in any one area. For many people the pain that they get is in their lower back or lumbar spine. A good office chair for back pain suffers provides good, adjustable lumbar support where you need it.

Many bad office chairs have little or no lumbar support; these chairs are basically flat in the lower part of the chair. Given that we all have a natural hollow in our lower back, this area must be adequately supported. If your office chair does not support this lumbar curve (or lordosis) then you are more likely to round your spine and if you stay in that position for a length of time you may be prone to back pain.

A good office chair is highly adjustable

The ability to adjust the angle of the seat of your office chair is also very important to help prevent back pain. If you hips are, as high or higher than your knees this helps to open out the angle of our hips and prevents rounding of the lower back. Look for an office chair that has this feature.

Many people who get back pain from their office chair sit towards the front of their office chair; they want to get close to their work. We should sit about an arms length from the compute screen with the screen at roughly eye height when we are sat upright. Active sitting or “perching” can be a good way to encourage your leg, buttock and core muscles to engage gently. To allow this active form of sitting we need to be able to adjust the seat depth. The spinekind High Back and SpinekindMid back chairs have 125mm of seat depth adjustment, the most of any office chair on the market.

Movement for back pain

Reclining or rocking when sitting can help to release any tension or pressure that builds up if we have been sat for a while. Rocking also encourages our muscles to gently work and can improve our circulation. It is very important to consider your working routine, including breaks, to stand up, walks and exercise. It is also very important to understand what the triggers or aggravating factors are for your back pain. At Stuart Seating because all our ergonomic (DSE) assessments are carried out by experienced chiropractors we offer guidance on this as part of our service. We believe knowing and professionally understanding the history of your back pain allows us to do much more than just provide you with an office chair to help your back pain.

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