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Do you have other colours of fabric?

We can offer a range of colours and different fabrics that is more extensive than what is displayed on our website so please contact us for more details. 

When will I receive my chair?

Each chair is made to the specifications that you have requested so delivery can take 14 days (the time to delivery may be slightly longer if your chair is being set up and installed by one of our ergonomics team)

Do the chair have a Warranty?

Our chairs have a 5 year structural warranty (for standard 8 hour usuage) and 2 years for moving parts and upholstery. 

Can I have a refund?

Generally we cannot offer refunds. If a chair has been delivered and a fault is found, the chair can be returned and fixed or replaced. This also applies if a fault develops from normal usage and the chair is within its warranty date. If a chair shows damage that has occurred from circumstances other than normal usage it may not be possible to repair or replace the chair under warranty.