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Best office chairs for neck pain

As a chiropractor people often ask me what the best office chairs for neck pain are. Neck pain is a very common symptom amongst office workers and so picking the right office chair is very valuable. So important in fact that I decided to use my experience as a chiropractor treating office workers with neck pain to design a range of ergonomic office chairs. These patented spinekind office chairs were designed to help office workers with neck and back pain.

Bad postures can cause neck pain

For anyone using a computer, mobile phone or tablet poor sitting postures or an inappropriate ergonomic set up can be a significant factor. In the modern world many people sit on a sofa or dining chair whilst working on a laptop and mobile devices. These postural positions are often a significant part of the problem.

The human spine has 3 curves, these curves are designed to distribute our weight evenly when standing and sitting. If we sit in slumped posture for any length of time excessive load can be placed on muscles, joints and discs within the spine. A good office chair helps support the 3 curves of the spine to prevent excessive loading in any one area.

Good Ergonomics is very important

The position of your keyboard and computer screen are very important. You want the screen arms length away and at eye height or just below (if you are not a touch typist). If your eyes and head are facing down for prolonged periods, especially if the centre of your head is in front of your chest then your neck is under strain. Too long in this position may lead to the development of neck and shoulder pain and some types of headache (muscular or tension type headache).

Many office chairs give little or no support to your neck. A lot of office chairs that claim to give neck support actually just give support to the head. There is often a metal bar linking the backrest and the headrest, thus failing to provide support to the neck.

Getting the right chair for Neck Pain

The spinekind High Back chair from Stuart Seating has seamless support right the way up to the head. We designed it that way for all the reasons laid out above.   Our Spinekind Mid back chairs and our Spinekind Teardrop chairs have the option of an adjustable neck/headrest to give support where you need it.

Movement is Key

Even when you have your ergonomic set up sorted it’s very important to consider your working routine. You must include regular short breaks, to stand up and move. Walks and exercise are also extremely Important as part of a healthy daily routine. Having a good understanding of what the triggers or aggravating factors are for your neck pain is also pivotal. At Stuart Seating because all our ergonomic (DSE) assessments are carried out by experienced chiropractors we offer guidance on this as part of our service. We believe knowing and professionally understanding the history of your back pain allows us to do much more than just provide you with an office chair to help your neck pain.


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